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As bike-share becomes the norm in more US cities than ever, getting around on two wheels has never been easier. Here's what you need to know before you get rolling.
Since 2000, record numbers of Americans have parked their cars and ridden their bikes. Here’s a look at who’s riding where. Research by Daniel Fineman
Help your child (and friends) pedal to school safely
Fast and fun bikes for cruising around town, or speeding to work
Kuni Takahashi/Bloomber via Getty Images
Try riding in Mumbai, where the roads are gridlocked with rickshaws, buses, and four-ton elephants
Carry larger loads, find a safe route, and arrive looking (and feeling) fresh
Why the return trip is the best part of every commute
Expert advice to keep you rolling, no matter what nature throws your way
Simple advice for steering clear of—and, if necessary, surviving—conflicts with angry motorists
We celebrate the two-wheeled revolution and offer advice on how to join in
The most common commuting excuses and issues, solved
Make riding to work a snap with these tips and tricks
A bike commuter on impatience, stoplights, and the beauty of the Capitol at night.
A bike commuter on close calls
A bicyclist and pedestrian on bicyclists’ peeves about pedestrians
April showers bring May flowers—and bike-to-work day
Keith Gates says if he can ride to work, you can, too.

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