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25 Upgrades for $25 or Less!

If you're Bradley Wiggins, you need those $4,000 wheels. The rest of us should first consider these clever, intuitive, and eminently affordable improvements. —Andrew J. Bernstein
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Drink Clean

Specialized 26-Ounce Purist Watergate bottle, $12

Made from BPA-free plastic with a glass-infused inner surface, this bottle keeps potential chemical nasties from leaching into your water. More important: The Heart Valve cap delivers a robust stream of fluid with each squeeze and prevents drips—even if you leave the top open in your gear bag. It’s available in a rainbow of hues to go with any frame color.

Info: specialized.com

PRO TIP: Throw your bottle into the dishwasher after each ride to clean out gunk from drink mixes. No dishwasher? Buy a bottle brush to clean it all the way inside.


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You should have tested a proven, German design (that's "design", not "built"), the A2B Metro. Disc brakes, full suspension, LI battery in frame. Not an OptiBike, but great around town with good range and 500W. I've got two of them and love 'em and have enough miles on the pair (well over 5000) to state unequivically that they are reliable and cheap to run. And you meet all kinds of people who are curious about the bike. Zalando Gutschein