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Ridden and Reviewed: Four E-Bikes
So how does it feel to ride an e-bike? We climbed aboard four of them to find out. —Bicycling’s Test Staff
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Trek 7200+

The 7200+ is the best-selling model in Trek’s Ride+ line. It uses a punchy 350-watt rear-hub motor activated by a torque sensor that measures your pedaling force and multiplies it by 25, 50, 100, or 200 percent, depending on the setting. We like the LCD-display control, which makes it easy to toggle through power settings. The device also controls the bike’s lights, which are powered by the lithium-manganese battery.

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Bionx is doing an excellent job and glad to see Trek working with them. Bionx is primarily a conversion kit company so I would like to see more articles related to the DIY option of building your own e-bike using a kit. Thanks for noting electric bikes. Keep up the good work. Jason Kraft - www.ebikekit.com
Thanks for your view - I agree fully - as the batteries improve I think more people will get back on bikes to avoid 6 or 7 dollar a gallon gas. We are reducing our gas use and now save almost 100 per month just running errands on my long haul trucker. Zalando Gutschein
You should have tested a proven, German design (that's "design", not "built"), the A2B Metro. Disc brakes, full suspension, LI battery in frame. Not an OptiBike, but great around town with good range and 500W. I've got two of them and love 'em and have enough miles on the pair (well over 5000) to state unequivically that they are reliable and cheap to run. And you meet all kinds of people who are curious about the bike.