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We pushed the 120mm trail bike to its limits on technical Arizona trails

Whether you’re looking to update dad’s cycling wardrobe, give him something to enjoy post-ride, or go in on a new bike, he’s sure to love one of these...

Whether you’re riding on the road, home from work, or to the running leg of a triathlon, these pieces of female-friendly gear and accessories can help get you there
Cool new road models for 2013 and beyond

Gore’s design and testing happens behind tightly closed doors, but Bicycling was were able to visit one of its facilities, in Delaware

While the Otter’s expo is primarily a place to show new mountain bikes, we looked between the fat tires to find cool new road gear for 2013, and beyond
From 30 finalists, the Bicycling staff chose eight extraordinary bikes as this year’s Editors’ Choice award winners
NAHBS attendees give us the dish behind bikes they choose to ride

These inexpensive, high-value road, city, and mountain bikes are easy on your wallet, but certainly not cheap
No longer synonymous with a rough ride, aluminum is back in demand—and the frames are smoother than ever
What to look for when you're shopping for a great bargain
You'll probably never ride Cervélo's new Rca race bike, but it still matters
An expanded high-end range can boost your speed, whether the roads are dry or wet
These all-around road bikes balance stability, comfort, and speed—without sacrificing sporty handling
Built around cutting-edge technology, these race bikes have been tested in the pro peloton—and they're fast enough for you

Find the perfect women-specific road bike, whether you’re looking tackle new challenges, explore, or ride with friends

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