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Our no-longer-totally-a-beginner columnist looks back over some highs and lows
When it comes to food and cycling, our rookie finds that he has to weigh in with a new approach
After a long layoff, our rookie heads out expecting the worst—only to find out that, miraculously, all is not lost
Our rookie submits to a pro bike fit. The results are utterly dizzying
Riding through the quiet of winter for the first time, our rookie lets his new cycling clothes do the talking
This year, he'll go big: 2,000 total miles, and a fondo—and no whining about it. (Well, maybe just a little whining.)
Think busy roads are scary? Try bike-safety class
Struggling to keep up, our rookie finds that group rides can be moving in a whole new way
With his new bike, our newbie is on the road to greatness. If he can just figure out how to clip in
Our rookie tests out his first real road bike
Facing a spirited pace and countless hills on his first group ride, our beginner takes separation anxiety to a whole new level
fits-learning-curve-square copy.jpg
No one told our rookie the road to inspiration would be so steep.

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