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With new options from Stages, more mountain bikers are using power meters to guide their training
Designed around a single chainring, the group promises easier shifting, but costs hundreds less than its XX predecessor

We sample a baker’s dozen of next year’s top products in Park City, Utah
We tested 24 of the latest bikes in 8 categories to find the year’s best.
Available with air or coil springs, the new shocks allow riders to customize their ride
The sleek pedal has updated internals designed to withstand the punishment doled out by World Cup racers
Whether you need more visibility on the trail, or are planning a season of 24-hour races, these brilliant lights will get you through the night
We’ve ridden, tested and evaluated dozens of the most promising bikes of 2013. From beautiful trail models with 27.5-inch wheels to ultra-light 29ers, here are 13 of our...
Don’t let a wimpy pump leave you stranded you trailside. These 8 models get the job done.
Modern thoroughbred that can compete with the best carbon bikes

Nothing improves your ride better than new rims and rubber. Here are next year’s most promising models.
Pearl Izumi X Project 1.0
The new high-performance shoes feel great, whether you're riding or scrambling over rocks.
The popular 100mm trail bike sheds some weight, gets stronger and develops a playful edge.
We take the 150mm trail bike for a quick test on some of Whistler’s finest singletrack.
Best bikes in 7 categories, from 29ers to women's full-suspension
These wide-body trail pedals promise the smooth performance of XTR race pedals with the forgiving platform of a downhill model.
The new model is the Canadian company’s first carbon full-suspension 29er.
Developed with Shimano, the system has near-instant lockout controls for forks and shocks.
The latest forks from the German company are its best yet. There's a 27.5 option, too.
From wet roots to bone-dry singletrack, here are nine tires that will help you keep the rubber side down no matter what the trails are like this spring.

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