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A leaner, meaner fork for enduro racing and fast trails
The new fork is stiff and light; Monarch gets an upgrade
We test the leading 27.5 forks from Fox and RockShox to see which one is right for you.
Rocky Mountain Instinct .jpg
An all new 29er with trail friendly features and a highly tunable suspension system
Dial in sag with the free IRD app for iPhone
The 170-gram Microlite shock is a steal at about $450.
Backed with big resources, X-Fusion is making a run after the major suspension players with a host of new products.
If two bikes use the same suspension design, will they offer the same ride? Take an inside look at the engineering of short"dual"link bikes to see for yourself.
There are several completely different suspension designs that work well. Here's why.
Brake jack isn't the problem you thought it was.
Specialized's bike guy explains the effect fork height has on bike handling and fit
Show your suspension-pivot a little love
One for riders new to full suspension, one for those new to the sport.
Properly dialed front and rear suspensions make a world of difference--and a better-riding bike
The most-important at-home checks for your rear suspension.

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