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Best Cocktails for Cyclists

A morning ride is a great way to start the new year—but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the holiday parties or sip diet soda all night. Here are six drinks that will lift your spirits without weighing you down.—Christine Bucher
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Gin and Tonic

Back when Great Britain ruled India, quinine was added to water as a preventative against malaria. This “tonic” water was bitter, so gin was added to take the edge off. Today’s tonic contains less quinine—we’re not as concerned about malaria—so it’s less bitter, and usually corn syrup or other sugars are added, making this water surprisingly high in calories (Schweppes’s has 90 calories in eight ounces). For a lighter cocktail, look for low- or no-calorie tonic water, such as Schweppes Diet (0 calories). Another good choice: Q Tonic, which contains 24 calories, plus natural (not artificial) quinine, and has a gentle, subtle flavor. Combined with one ounce Hendrick’s gin and a lime wedge, it’ll tally about 94 calories.

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Though some of these cocktails look inviting, I have never been a fan of cocktails or alcohol, so as a cyclist, I prefer my sports drink to them any day. I wouldn't mind trying the Gin and Tonic though.