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Century Plan
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More than half a million people have completed a century using our simple, 10-week training plans.

Twenty-one years ago, we created what’s probably the most successful century training plan in history. (No one keeps stats—but we used to, and in 1993, we reported that more than 300,000 cyclists had used our no-nonsense, effective program to complete a 100-mile ride.) There are never any guarantees in cycling—you might suffer the seven-flat day, or meet the love of your life munching PB&J at the first rest stop and abandon all other pursuits on the spot—but these plans are as locked down as you get.

Choose Your Plan:

Century Plan, To Do It: Is for cyclists attempting their first century, for those who currently average 40–50 miles per week, or who are by nature more tentative.
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Century Plan, To Put the Screws To It:  is designed for riders who want to power through a century, or those whose current weekly mileage exceeds 75.
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 Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll get:
•    Daily e-mails reminding you about the workouts of the day
•    Detailed descriptions of each day’s workout
•    Tips on training, nutrition, recovery, and more
•    An interactive training log that allows you to track mileage, routes, meals, and more
•    Tools to upload data from your Garmin, GPS, heart-rate monitor, or other training device
•    Access to workouts from your smart phone
•    Nearly 400,000 routes from around the world and tools to map your own

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I have rode several centuries and plan on another this summer. I would enjoy a training plan, but asking for $24.95 is so cheesy! Hope you reconsider in the future.
I lkie bike riding. Currently using a Fuji ten speed and a Schwinn 10 speed 1266 miles last year and I took a lot of pictures along the way obat sipilis di apotik
When ti is free why do u have to púť YouTube verdikt Cards info In?
I am very disappointing that after subscribing to BM for over 33 yrs, that now I have to pay additional money to get a copy of the training plan you have published at least 2-3 times that I can remember. I wanted to review the plan as I am working towards this objective again at 59 years old. I guess I should have saved all those old issues
I ride a century once a month - usually by myself - sometimes slow, sometimes fast.. and always a stop for ice cream! A fantastic stress reliever!
For some it is marathon, for me I want to do a century. Once my work schedule opens up I will begin training. Hopefully I can do one next year.
I lkie bike riding. Currently using a Fuji ten speed and a Schwinn 10 speed 1266 miles last year and I took a lot of pictures along the way