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Mountain Bike Stage Race Plan
ByHunter Allen
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This 8 week training plan is for the cyclist preparing for a mountain bike stage race and requires you to be able to ride from 8-13 hours a week. With this plan you'll get in some great hard training rides, have fun on your bike, and prepare for the demands of a MTB stage race. Soon you'll be able to recover quickly and be fitter than ever. 

Written by Hunter Allen, elite cycling coach and coach of many of the world's top endurance mountain bike stage racers including Jeremiah Bishop, Hunter has also completed the epic La Ruta MTB stage race in Costa Rica three times.

This plan is built progressively so that it prepares you for harder and tougher workouts throughout the plan.  You will begin 'block' training after the first few weeks of training in order to better simulate the upcoming stage race.

Give it your best, this plan will take you to the finish line of your mountain bike stage race!

With your plan you'll get:
•    Daily e-mails reminding you about the workouts of the day
•    Detailed descriptions of each day’s workout
•    Tips on training, nutrition, recovery, and more
•    An interactive training log that allows you to track mileage, routes, meals, and more
•    Tools to upload data from your Garmin, GPS, heart-rate monitor, or other training device
•    Access to workouts from your smart phone
•    Nearly 400,000 routes from around the world and tools to map your own

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Would sell more if there were additional information, or some idea of what to expect via a sample training day or week... nama obat sipilis
Would sell more if there were additional information, or some idea of what to expect via a sample training day or week... obat sipilis tradisional
when i’m planning my training, i like to add the daily ‘prescribed’ miles to my g-calendar at the time i expect to run it (6a, 12p or 5p) and treat it like any other activity on my calendar. failing to plan is planing to fail, right? (and that’s what happens if it’s not on my calendar!) roduvuya recently posted..Att Reverse Lookup